Whatever the job is, you want to rely on excellent performance. Which is exactly what MarZip Offshore Personnel supplies.

Synergy in the offshore-energy industry

MarZip Offshore Personnel is a joint venture between Marlow Offshore and SeaZip Offshore Service. Our joining of forces provides the offshore energy industry with an extraordinary synergy. Experience in crew management and efficient management and support of maritime logistic operations go hand in hand.

Vision and mission

With MarZip, we respond to the demand for project-based, cost-efficient deployment of offshore professionals who are directly involved in operational activities.

Our vision

Our vision is that customized deployment needs integrated service provision in which recruitment skills, knowledge of operational processes in the offshore energy industry and maritime logistic management coincide. MarZip provides this unparalleled combination.

Our mission

MarZip helps to take the pressure off the offshore wind industry and offshore oil and gas industry by providing specialist services in the fields of project-based staffing, planning, coordination and logistics. The primary focus is on excellent performance and maximum safety. In any circumstances.

Project staffing

Rhoon (Rotterdam)-based Marlow Offshore is responsible for skills and expertise in project staffing. Marlow was founded in 1992. It operates in over ten countries and has an impeccable track record in crew management. Every year, over one thousand on-shore staff provide crew management for, on average, 14,000 seamen, both officers and other crew members. Particularly in Eastern Europe and the Philippines, Marlow has an intricate maritime network.

Maritime Logistics Management

Harlingen-based SeaZip Offshore Service is responsible for the maritime logistics management. A subdivision of JR Shipping Group, SeaZip is fully ISP/ISPM-certified. SeaZip has its own fleet of offshore service and survey vessels and organises and manages the project-specific deployment of offshore service, work and accommodation vessels owned by outside parties. In the context of alliances with experienced offshore partners, SeaZip carries out activities which are closely associated with maritime management and further the efficiency of complex operational processes at sea.

Connecting the best of two worlds

Connecting the best of two worlds: offshore staffing and offshore ship management. That is what MarZip is about. Do contact us for reliable solutions.

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