MarZip Offshore Personnel is based on active commitment to carrying out operational offshore processes. That is our strength.

Lasting partnerships

We deploy that strength within lasting partnerships. Our aim is to create cost-efficient and effective solutions for the project-based deployment of offshore professionals, supported by professional maritime logistic services. With one hundred percent focus on performance, continuity of operations and safety. We recruit offshore professional staff from EU-countries and Eastern Europe.

We are here for the offshore wind energy

MarZip supplies experienced technical crew, both operational and coordinating, for the complete range of activities necessary for the construction and maintenance of windfarms. We flawlessly bring pool management and planning into line with the various project stages. In the context of the offshore wind industry, our clients are:

  • utilities and windfarm owners
  • turbine manufacturers and fabricators
  • EPIC and marine contractors
  • service providers

We are here for the offshore oil and gas industry

MarZip recruits and supplies experienced staff for a range of coordinating and technical operations associated with inspecting, maintaining and operating offshore oil and gas installations. Down to the minutest detail, we match capacity, planning and logistics with prevailing customer needs. We provide both ad hoc and lasting staffing solutions. In the context of the offshore oil and gas industry, our clients are:

  • oil companies
  • drilling and marine contractors
  • service providers