MarZip operates based on the offshore work practices. The prevailing project dynamics are part and parcel of our company culture, international rules and regulations and procedures dictate our operational activities. This means that we know exactly who is the right person for any particular offshore job.

We provide skills, character and safety

By definition, projects in the offshore energy market are pressurized by time and the need to perform. This requires professionals who excel in their professional specialism and keep level-headed under all circumstances.

This is how we do it

Flexibility, the mentality required for non-stop services, respect for safety protocols, colleagues, instructions and working structures. That is what we are looking for in the offshore professionals whom we select for the job. Based on those criteria, we supply skills and character using:

  • international recruitment
  • screening skills, experience and certification
  • contracting and invoicing
  • customized pool management
  • planning and coordination
  • competence and safety training
  • maritime logistics support and management

The people, the place, the means to get there

MarZip deploys its international network and sophisticated technology in order to screen and contract the cream of the crop of applicants. Besides that, we guarantee that hired crew members are present at the offshore location at the time agreed on and have completed the safety trainings required. Our people are ready for the job. This is the added value that we provide: the knowledge and tools needed for efficient and safe logistic operations at sea.

Focus on cost-efficiency

When deploying offshore crew, cost-efficiency is key. MarZip provides access to all appropriate employment markets in the EU and Eastern Europe. We are familiar with the local working cultures, rules and regulations and, consequently, create solutions which are consistent with the operations to be carried out. We maximise cost-efficiency thanks to:

  • direct access to competing employment markets
  • outsourcing recruitment and screening activities
  • outsourcing contracting and administration procedures
  • outsourcing training facilities
  • integration of maritime logistics management services
  • connecting to a vast maritime and offshore energy network

All offshore jobs, all levels

In the context of tailor-made project and contract types, MarZip Offshore Personnel provides experienced professionals for any offshore operations and at all levels:

  • site managers, supervisors, project and operations managers
  • technicians for installation, commissioning, service and troubleshooting
  • inspection technicians
  • multi-skilled technicians
  • mechanics and electricians
  • paint and blasting technicians
  • rigging and lifting technicians
  • site QHSE representatives and safety officers
  • vessel coordinators